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Eric T. Johnson has been practicing law for over 30 years.

Eric received his undergraduate degree in Political Science from the University of Kentucky in 1980 and his J.D. from the University of Georgia (with honors) in 1983.

He is a member of the State Bar of Georgia.


The types of litigation that we practice are as follows:

  • Commercial and Business Litigation
  • Shareholder Disputes
  • Contested Probate Issues
  • Personal Injury
  • Collections


Transactional Law that we practice are as follows:

  • Wills/Estate
  • Business Purchases and Sales
  • General Corporate Counseling
  • Entertainment law

Decisions Of Note

Richard Bowers & Co. v. Clairmont Place, LLC

324 Ga. App. 673; 751 S.E.2d 481 (2013) (Georgia Court of Appeals granted client’s application for interlocutory appeal, and reversed trial court’s denial of client’s motion for summary judgment on a broker’s fees claim on a commercial property)

Vranas v. Petrakopoulos, et. al.

325 Ga. App. 332, 750 S.E.2d 779 (2013) (Georgia Court of Appeals reversed trial court’s order for an injunction and receivership for a client’s business)

Speedway Motorsports, Inc. v. Blihovde

315 Ga. App. 320 (2012) (Georgia Court of Appeals affirmed the trial court dismissal of creditor claims against a client’s life insurance benefits.)

Crosby v. East West, Inc.

278 Ga. App. 329, 629 S.E. 2d 41 (2006) (Georgia Court of Appeals affirmed trial verdict in favor of a client in a breach of contract case.)

Stewart v. Walters

278 Ga. 374, 602 S.E.2d 642 (2004) (Georgia Supreme Court decided in a client’s favor on construction of a Georgia Probate Code statute).

Gogate v. Amerena, et al.

Civil Action File No. 1:02 CV 3204 (2002) U.S. District Court for the Northern District of GA, Atlanta Division, Civil Action (Federal District Court granted summary judgment in client’s favor on civil rights and respondeat superior claims arising from an incident at client’s premises.)

Habersham Venture, Ltd. V. Breedlove, et. al., P.E. Atlanta, Inc. v. Breedlove, et. al.

244 Ga. App. 407, 535 S.E.2d 788 (2000) (Georgia Court of Appeals reversed trial court, ruling that summary judgment should have been granted in favor of a client in a premises liability action.)